21.04 19:22  Haaretz  Czech won't relocate Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, PM says
21.04 18:53  Jerusalem Post  Chemical weapons watchdog: inspectors have samples from Douma
21.04 18:53  Jerusalem Post  Russia says not yet served with U.S. Democrats' lawsuit notice
21.04 18:42  Ynet News  Nasrallah: ‘Resistance has rockets that can hit any location in Israel’
21.04 18:24  Ynet News  Dead Gaza teenager ignored mother's warning
21.04 18:05  Jerusalem Post  Syrian rebels withdraw from enclave northeast of Damascus
21.04 18:05  Ynet News  US calls China, Russia, Iran, N.Korea 'morally reprehensible' on rights
21.04 17:27  Haaretz  Portman’s V for Vendetta against Netanyahu touches raw nerve for Israel
21.04 16:07  Jerusalem Post  Russia: Inspectors heading to site of chemical attack in Syria's Douma
21.04 16:07  Ynet News  Russia: OPCW heading to site of alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma
21.04 15:37  Ynet News  Germany: North Korea must disclose its nuclear and missile program
21.04 15:37  Ynet News  Russia calls on US, S.Korea to cut military activity after N.Korean move
21.04 15:37  Ynet News  Photographer says witnessed Palestinian teen being shot
21.04 14:48  Haaretz  EU calls for a 'full investigation' over Palestinian deaths in fourth Friday of Gaza protests
21.04 14:48  Jerusalem Post  EU says Israel must investigate death of Palestinian minor in Gaza clashes
21.04 14:48  Jerusalem Post  Russia calls on U.S., S.Korea to cut military activity after N.Korean move
21.04 14:10  Ynet News  EU urges Israel to refrain from lethal force
21.04 14:10  Ynet News  Sweden welcomes N. Korea's nuke suspension
21.04 13:35  Ynet News  Britain hopes North Korean nuclear move will be positive step
21.04 12:44  Haaretz  Hamas engineer assassinated in Malaysia; victim's family blames Mossad
21.04 12:44  Haaretz  Genesis Prize cancels ceremony after 2018 winner Natalie Portman says won’t visit Israel
21.04 12:43  Jerusalem Post  EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearization
21.04 12:43  Ynet News  EU welcomes North Korean move on nuclear tests, urges denuclearization
21.04 12:13  Ynet News  Syrian state TV: Rebels set to quit enclave NE of Damascus
21.04 12:13  Ynet News  Lieberman: Hamas leaders to blame for death of 15-year-old Palestinian in Gaza
21.04 10:37  Jerusalem Post  Rouhani: Iran has 'expected and unexpected' reactions if U.S. leaves nuclear deal
21.04 10:05  Ynet News  Rouhani: Iran has 'expected and unexpected' reactions if US leaves deal
21.04 10:05  Ynet News  Incendiary kite from Gaza causes fire in Israeli warehouse; none hurt
21.04 10:05  Ynet News  Greenblatt urges Palestinians not to respond to teen's death to avoid escalation
21.04 09:55  Haaretz  Senior Islamic Jihad leader accuses Mossad for the assassination of Palestinian engineer in Malaysia
21.04 09:36  Ynet News  Brazil journalist to be tried for allegedly urging ISIS attack
21.04 09:36  Ynet News  Palestinian electrical engineer shot dead in Malaysia
21.04 09:07  Ynet News  1 student wounded in shooting at Florida high school
21.04 09:07  Ynet News  Palestinians want independent probe of Gaza killings
21.04 08:37  Ynet News  North Korea says will stop nuclear tests, scrap test site
21.04 08:37  Ynet News  China's foreign ministry welcomes North Korea nuclear test halt
21.04 07:17  Jerusalem Post  Trump says progress being made by all, after N. Korea vow to stop nuclear tests
21.04 05:01  Haaretz  Amid backlash, Natalie Portman says she can protest Netanyahu policies without boycotting Israel
21.04 05:01  Jerusalem Post  Japan PM Abe says N. Korean move is 'forward motion' but results essential
21.04 04:10  Jerusalem Post  DJ/Producer Avicii Dead At 28