19.10 18:16  Haaretz  A chance discovery changes everything we know about biblical Israel
19.10 17:55  Jerusalem Post  EU Commission: up to UK to inform of next steps as soon as possible
19.10 17:19  Jerusalem Post  UK lawmakers vote for Letwin proposals, going towards Brexit delay
19.10 17:19  Jerusalem Post  UK PM Johnson: I will not negotiate Brexit delay
19.10 16:59  Jerusalem Post  Spanish PM tells Catalan leader to denounce violence
19.10 14:50  Jerusalem Post  Turkey has resumed attacking the Kurds - report
19.10 14:33  Jerusalem Post  Catalan regional leader calls for talks with Madrid following clashes
19.10 14:08  Jerusalem Post  Israeli baby dies on a flight to Russia - report
19.10 14:08  Jerusalem Post  Afghans search for bodies after at least 69 killed in mosque explosions
19.10 13:55  Ynet News  Lebanon's Hezbollah says does not want government to resign
19.10 13:55  Ynet News  Security forces arrest 7 suspects trying to beach Israel-Jordan border
19.10 13:44  Haaretz  Hezbollah's Nasrallah says he's against government resignation amid Lebanon protests
19.10 13:36  Ynet News  Russian officials discuss with Syria's Assad de-escalating tensions in northeast Syria
19.10 13:17  Jerusalem Post  Chile President Pinera declares emergency as capital rocked by riots
19.10 13:17  Jerusalem Post  Bernie Sanders to rally in New York in comeback from heart attack
19.10 13:17  Jerusalem Post  Russian officials and Assad discuss de-escalating tensions in Syria
19.10 12:24  Jerusalem Post  People should have final say on Brexit-UK's Labour leader Corbyn
19.10 11:57  Jerusalem Post  Seven try to cross Jordan-Israel border - IDF report
19.10 11:31  Jerusalem Post  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks out about protests in Lebanon
19.10 09:58  Ynet News  Trump touts Turkey cease-fire, even as it appears shaky
19.10 09:44  Jerusalem Post  Four Palestinians shot at near the Gaza border, one injured - report
19.10 09:18  Jerusalem Post  Dam failure kills at least 11 at Siberian gold mine
19.10 09:18  Jerusalem Post  Australia police arrest Iraqi man for deaths of 350 asylum seekers in 2001
19.10 06:42  Jerusalem Post  Hong Kong's leader backs police use of force as protesters plan march
19.10 04:54  Jerusalem Post  U.S. energy secretary won't comply with Democrats' impeachment probe
19.10 04:04  Haaretz  This Israeli illustrator has his own handmade tale
19.10 04:03  Jerusalem Post  Opioid settlement talks fail, landmark trial expected Monday
19.10 03:09  Jerusalem Post  Mnuchin backs proposal to double IMF's crisis fund
19.10 02:44  Jerusalem Post  Turkey plans presence across northeast Syria, Erdogan says
19.10 00:58  Arutz Sheva News  Shabbat Shalom!
19.10 00:26  Arutz Sheva News  'Palestinian nation'? There is no such thing
19.10 00:26  Arutz Sheva News  Pittsburgh synagogue to reopen as center for Jewish life
19.10 00:07  Jewish News  Sacha Baron Cohen makes Nazi analogy to slam Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook policy
19.10 00:07  Jewish News  The Jewish arguments at the heart of Trump’s judicial nominee controversy
18.10 23:56  Arutz Sheva News  Liberman: Netanyahu is desperate
18.10 23:03  Jerusalem Post  Trump says he will nominate energy deputy secretary to be its new chief
18.10 23:03  Jerusalem Post  U.S. hits Cuba with new sanctions over human rights, Venezuela
18.10 22:54  Arutz Sheva News  Erdogan threatens to restart operation against Kurds
18.10 22:36  Jerusalem Post  Bahrain FM urges its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately
18.10 22:24  Arutz Sheva News  'I just met you in the world to come'