24.04 18:55  Arutz Sheva News  How terrorists smuggle phones into prison
24.04 18:50  Jewish News  Henry Bloch, founder of H&R Block and philanthropist, dies at 96
24.04 18:15  Haaretz  Trump peace plan doesn't include confederation with Jordan, says envoy Greenblatt
24.04 17:50  Arutz Sheva News  Greenblatt: Don't spread rumors
24.04 17:30  Arutz Sheva News  Gush Katif expellees to United Right: Don't forget us
24.04 17:30  Arutz Sheva News  Terror victim's widow: Limited demolition is no deterrence
24.04 17:30  Arutz Sheva News  Watch: Engine on plane headed for Israel emits fire
24.04 17:30  Ynet News  Iran's Zarif warns U.S. of 'consequences' over oil sanctions, Strait of Hormuz
24.04 16:41  Arutz Sheva News  Attempt to attack soldier in Mea Shearim foiled
24.04 16:35  Haaretz  Rohani says Saudi Arabia, UAE owe their existence today to Iran
24.04 16:35  Haaretz  Mohammed bin Salman has shattered Saudi diplomacy. What happens now?
24.04 16:35  Arutz Sheva News  Watch: Bodyguards clean Kim Jong Un's train as it arrives
24.04 16:34  Jerusalem Post  Scotland will hold independence referendum in 2021
24.04 16:34  Jerusalem Post  Iran FM: Iran will continue to sell and transport its oil
24.04 16:15  Ynet News  Trump says he will go to the Supreme Court
24.04 16:09  Jerusalem Post  Sri Lanka President requests Police Chief, Defense Secretary to resign
24.04 16:09  Jerusalem Post  Soldier attacked by Haredis in Jerusalem, rescued by Police
24.04 16:04  Arutz Sheva News  Rabbis condemn Sri Lanka suicide bombings
24.04 15:46  Haaretz  What do Trump, Erdogan and Wall Street have in common?
24.04 15:46  Haaretz  Adam Schiff isn’t closing the book on the Trump-Russia investigation
24.04 15:46  Haaretz  Trump warns Mexico after armed Mexican soldiers confronted U.S. soldiers on U.S. soil
24.04 15:46  Jerusalem Post  Trump vows to fight any impeachment attempt in Supreme Court
24.04 15:46  Jerusalem Post  Hamas: policy of house demolitions is a failure of the State of Israel
24.04 15:21  Ynet News  Rouhani says Saudi Arabia, UAE owe their existence today to Iran
24.04 14:55  Haaretz  UC Berkeley Jewish community condemns remarks at student government meeting
24.04 14:55  Haaretz  Lithuania bans British Holocaust denier David Irving from country for next five years
24.04 14:55  Haaretz  Women’s March calls on Twitter to suspend Trump over Ilhan Omar tweets
24.04 14:30  Jerusalem Post  Rouhani: Saudi Arabi and UAE owe existence to ‏Iran
24.04 14:07  Haaretz  FBI: Armed U.S. border group was training to 'assassinate Soros, Obama and Clinton'
24.04 14:07  Haaretz  Israel already an apartheid state says outgoing French ambassador, discussing Trump's peace plan
24.04 14:07  Haaretz  ISIS just blew up Trump's 'victory' over them
24.04 14:07  Haaretz  CNN's Anderson Cooper slams 'gaslighting' Kushner for downplaying Russian interference
24.04 13:29  Ynet News  Supreme leader: Iran can export as much oil as it needs
24.04 12:52  Jerusalem Post  At least 17 killed in blast in Syria's rebel-held city
24.04 12:52  Ynet News  Sri Lanka official: Most bombers were highly educated
24.04 11:38  Jewish News  Rabbi, wife beat up in robbery with anti-Semitic elements in Kenya
24.04 11:37  Jerusalem Post  Iran can export as much oil as it needs, says Iran Supreme Leader
24.04 11:37  Ynet News  Rouhani says US must lift pressure and apologise before Iran will negotiate
24.04 11:19  Ynet News  US ambassador: Foreign groups likely behind Sri Lanka attacks
24.04 11:12  Jerusalem Post  Chabad emissaries in Nairobi attacked and beaten in violent robbery