18.09 02:08  Arutz Sheva News  Likud: Netanyahu will speak in Tel Aviv in about an hour
18.09 02:08  Arutz Sheva News  "Voters said 'no' to Netanyahu"
18.09 02:08  Ynet News  Blue and White MK: Likud has responsible lawmakers who won't agree to third elections
18.09 01:48  Haaretz  Saudi oil attacks came from southwest Iran, U.S. official says, raising tensions
18.09 01:48  Haaretz  Israel Election 2019: Volunteers drive Bedouin women to polls after NGO blocked from providing transportation
18.09 01:34  Arutz Sheva News  Remembering the super-action hero
18.09 01:34  Arutz Sheva News  Litzman: We won't sit in government with Lapid
18.09 01:28  Ynet News  Channel 13 updates exit poll: Blue and White on 32 seats, Likud on 30
18.09 01:06  Haaretz  Trump contradicts himself and his cabinet secretaries on Iran talks
18.09 01:06  Haaretz  Real voter fraud will be a third Israel election. We shouldn’t let this happen
18.09 01:06  Haaretz  Israel election: For Bibi it's all about getting a 'stay out of jail' card
18.09 01:06  Arutz Sheva News  Netanyahu to speak at Likud headquarters in about an hour
18.09 01:06  Arutz Sheva News  Smotrich vows: There will be a right-wing government
18.09 01:06  Arutz Sheva News  Rabbi Peretz: We are coordinated with Netanyahu
18.09 01:06  Jerusalem Post  New exit poll shows 15 seats for the Joint List
18.09 01:01  Ynet News  Likud MK casts doubt on unity government
18.09 01:01  Ynet News  CEC: Vote turnout slightly up on April elections
18.09 00:22  Ynet News  Labor chair: We will not sit with Netanyahu
18.09 00:22  Ynet News  Shaked doubtful over Yamina split
18.09 00:22  Ynet News  Erekat hopes next Israeli government will focus on peace moves
18.09 00:16  Jerusalem Post  Final voting turnout 69.4%, 1.5% higher than April elections
18.09 00:16  Jerusalem Post  Blue and White create negotiation committee for forming coalition
18.09 00:02  Ynet News  Otzma Yehudit chair: 'disappointed with the results, we were like David vs. Goliath'
18.09 00:02  Ynet News  Hour after exit poll results: Yamina splits
18.09 00:02  Ynet News  Jewish Home MK: 'I spoke to Netanyahu, we are coordinated'
17.09 23:43  Ynet News  Netanyahu talks with Yamina and ultra-Orthodox parties: 'We will cooperate to form a national government'
17.09 23:43  Ynet News  Rivlin to push for speedy coalition moves
17.09 23:43  Ynet News  Democratic Union MK: 'We saved the left bloc but we have to keep fighting'
17.09 23:43  Ynet News  Yisrael Beytenu MK: 'We will recommend a unity government; ultra-Orthodox and extremists in the opposition'
17.09 23:24  Globes - Israel business  Teva enters Israel's cannabis market
17.09 23:24  Globes - Israel business  TV exit polls see Netanyahu failing to win majority
17.09 23:24  Haaretz  Israel election 2019: Netanyahu fails to secure ruling majority, Gantz in the lead, exit polls show
17.09 23:24  Haaretz  Israel election 2019: Exit polls prove Netanyahu's spell has been broken
17.09 23:24  Jerusalem Post  Naftali Bennett to head New Right in next Knesset
17.09 23:24  Ynet News  Likud MK Miri Regev: 'Netanyahu will not step down from office'
17.09 23:24  Ynet News  Odeh: Arab parties' electoral gains are 'historic' moment
17.09 23:24  Ynet News  Likud MK Israel Katz: 'Netanyahu was and will remain Likud's only candidate'
17.09 23:04  Ynet News  Blue and White MK: Netanyahu has failed for second time
17.09 23:04  Ynet News  Meretz leader after exit polls: 'Historic opportunity' for a change
17.09 23:04  Ynet News  Otzma Yehudit: 'Netanyahu fought us - that's why there's no right-wing government'