24.09 17:00  Haaretz  Archaeologists find ancient 'comics' decorating Roman tomb in Jordan
24.09 17:00  Haaretz  George Soros foundation sues Hungary over law targeting NGOs
24.09 17:00  Ynet News  Khamenei: Attackers were paid by Saudis, UAE
24.09 17:00  Ynet News  Turkey promises 'safe zones' in Kurdish-held parts of Syria
24.09 16:10  Haaretz  Trump's Iran strategy could spark war, warns bipartisan group of former U.S. officials
24.09 16:10  Jerusalem Post  May defends 'credible' Brexit proposal -CBS News interview
24.09 15:45  Jerusalem Post  Head of Iran's National Security Council calls for dialogue
24.09 15:45  Ynet News  Five fires break out in Gaza border region
24.09 15:26  Ynet News  Report: Israel's Netanyahu to meet Egypt's Sisi in New York
24.09 15:26  Ynet News  Gaza refugee agency staff on strike over cutbacks, firings
24.09 15:26  Ynet News  Iran: US wish to halt Iran's crude exports won't come true
24.09 14:05  Jerusalem Post  Syrian jihadists to state position on Idlib deal 'in coming days'
24.09 13:54  Ynet News  Fire breaks out due to incendiary balloons
24.09 13:54  Ynet News  Volvo halts Iran truck assembly due to US sanctions
24.09 12:25  Jerusalem Post  Russia to supply Syria with S-300 anti-missile system
24.09 12:20  Ynet News  Russia to supply Syria with S-300 anti-missile system
24.09 11:36  Jerusalem Post  Report: Turkey orders 61 soldiers detained for suspected Gulen links
24.09 09:51  Ynet News  Iran says 'large' network arrested over Ahvaz attack
24.09 09:32  Ynet News  Thousands mourn victims of Iran military parade attack
24.09 09:32  Ynet News  Iran warns US Israel to expect a "devastating" revenge
24.09 09:07  Jerusalem Post  Turkey's Erdogan vows to impose secure zones east of Euphrates in Syria
24.09 08:19  Jerusalem Post  Russian opposition leader Navalny detained upon jail release
24.09 08:19  Ynet News  Gaza officials say Palestinian killed in overnight protest
24.09 08:19  Ynet News  Turkey's Erdogan vows to impose secure zones east of Euphrates in Syria
24.09 05:01  Jerusalem Post  Flood threat still existent in Hurricane Florence aftermath
24.09 03:47  Jerusalem Post  Britain: Labour will vote on keeping second Brexit referendum on table
24.09 02:07  Jerusalem Post  Celebrities promote sustainability on Milan's red carpet
24.09 00:52  Jerusalem Post  Canadian PM: informal NAFTA talks in U.N. likely soon
23.09 23:37  Ynet News  IAF attacks incendiary balloons squad
23.09 23:37  Ynet News  Palestinian killed during Gaza border riots
23.09 22:22  Jerusalem Post  German govt agrees solution to spymaster crisis that threatened coalition
23.09 22:22  Jerusalem Post  IAF strikes terrorist group north of the Gaza strip
23.09 21:32  Jerusalem Post  Islamic state posts video of men allegedly involved Iran attack
23.09 19:54  Ynet News  UAE official denies Iranian allegations of links to military parade attackers
23.09 19:30  Jerusalem Post  Tripoli clashes leave 115 dead, 383 injured
23.09 19:04  Jerusalem Post  UAE denies Iranian allegations of links to military parade attackers
23.09 18:40  Ynet News  Hamas says indirect cease-fire talks with Israel halted
23.09 18:02  Ynet News  IDF rejects Russian Defense Ministry findings on plane downing
23.09 17:44  Ynet News  US envoy Haley rejects Iran blame over parade attack
23.09 17:01  Jewish News  Tens of thousands of haredim peacefully protest Shabbat train work in Tel Aviv