21.05 00:11  Jewish News  An American-Israeli soldier died by suicide. She’s the third this year.
21.05 00:11  Jewish News  Trump warns Iran never to threaten the United States
21.05 00:11  Jewish News  Al Jazeera suspends 2 journalists for video questioning Holocaust
20.05 23:06  Jewish News  Haredi Orthodox mother of 5 from Jerusalem wins Riga half-marathon
20.05 23:06  Jewish News  This Jewish woman organized a seder for 9 senators at 30,000 feet over Vietnam
20.05 22:24  Ynet News  Knesset votes to lift limit on ministers
20.05 21:58  Jewish News  Al Sharpton admits to using ‘cheap’ rhetoric about Jews
20.05 21:58  Jewish News  Rising star Imam Omar Suleiman has an anti-Semitic past. Has he moved on?
20.05 21:58  Jewish News  Palestinians reject plan for economic workshop to launch US peace proposal
20.05 21:45  Ynet News  UN chief appeals for calm in US-Iran standoff
20.05 21:45  Ynet News  Pittsburgh won't enforce gun controls until suits resolved
20.05 21:21  Jerusalem Post  Police arrest 2 Palestinians, seize automatic weapon in West Bank
20.05 20:42  Jerusalem Post  March of Return leaders respond to the cease fire: 'We will continue'
20.05 20:14  Jerusalem Post  Minister: Middle East economics workshop will happen with or without Palestinians
20.05 20:14  Jerusalem Post  Hamas, Israel agree to six months cease fire - Channel 12
20.05 20:14  Jerusalem Post  Netanyahu's lawyers ask for year to prepare for pre-indictment hearing
20.05 20:14  Jerusalem Post  Austrian chancellor proposes far-right interior minister be sacked
20.05 20:01  Jewish News  Jewish actor sworn in as president of Ukraine says nation must defend land like Israelis
20.05 20:01  Jewish News  Sweden will soon get its first Holocaust memorial ‘stumbling stones’
20.05 20:01  Jewish News  Australian comedian who joked about Nazi gas chambers loses ‘lucrative’ Netflix deal
20.05 19:47  Jerusalem Post  Barrage of incendiary balloons found in tree close to Gaza border
20.05 19:22  Jerusalem Post  Incendiary balloons launched from Gaza found near Kibbutz in Eshkol Region
20.05 19:01  Ynet News  Iran increases by fourfold the rate of enrichment of low enriched uranium
20.05 18:54  Jewish News  Austria’s far-right vice chancellor quits amid scandal. A Jewish leader calls it a validation for the community.
20.05 18:54  Jewish News  Scarlett Johannson and Colin Jost announce their engagement
20.05 18:54  Jewish News  Polish prime minister says paying Holocaust restitution would be ‘victory’ for Hitler
20.05 18:29  Jerusalem Post  Iran has increased by fourfold the rate of enrichment of low enriched uranium - official on Tasnim
20.05 18:29  Jerusalem Post  Measles outbreak spreads to Oklahoma as U.S. reports 41 new cases
20.05 18:29  Jerusalem Post  Likud MK Keren Barak slams Polish PM ‘Jewish prosperity belongs to Jews’
20.05 18:22  Ynet News  Top Trump administration officials to brief Senate, House on Iran on Tuesday
20.05 18:22  Ynet News  Iran calls on Trump to address Iranians with respect, not threat of war
20.05 18:22  Ynet News  High court won't take Nazi art dispute case
20.05 18:01  Ynet News  Palestinians say US conference doomed without political plan
20.05 17:40  Ynet News  Israel's Fire and Rescue Authority to limit Lag BaOmer bonfires due to excessive heatwave
20.05 17:34  Jerusalem Post  Gabbay: ‘Dark times for Democracy,’ after Netanyahu Tycoons will seek immunity
20.05 17:34  Jerusalem Post  Nature and Parks Authority advises locals not to hike during extreme heatwave
20.05 17:34  Jerusalem Post  Coalition talks between the Likud and UTJ to continue Tuesday
20.05 17:34  Jerusalem Post  Following loss of lives, 2018-19 to be ‘year of safety” in construction
20.05 17:21  Ynet News  Environmental Protection Ministry official search offices of company blamed for Haifa Bay gas leak
20.05 17:08  Jerusalem Post  U.S. Supreme Court rejects Iraqi immigrant's challenge to deportation