23.04 18:01  Jerusalem Post  Netanyahu: 'I will name a Golan town after Trump'
23.04 18:01  Ynet News  Islamic State claims to identify Sri Lanka attackers
23.04 17:43  Jewish News  Campus minority officer tells British Jewish student to ‘be like Israel and cease to exist’
23.04 17:35  Ynet News  Sri Lanka PM: More militants still 'out there'
23.04 16:59  Jewish News  Bernie Sanders says he is ‘100%’ pro-Israel, but blasts its ‘racist’ government
23.04 16:34  Jerusalem Post  Trump accepts invitation by Queen Elizabeth to visit U.K.
23.04 16:30  Ynet News  Top French court rejects Syria-based French jihadis' repatriation demands
23.04 16:30  Ynet News  EU regrets US decision on Iran sanctions
23.04 16:30  Ynet News  Sources: Sri Lanka intelligence warned of threat before attacks
23.04 15:50  Ynet News  Mary Nahmias a holocaust survivor from the northern city of Afula to light Independence Day torch
23.04 15:30  Ynet News  Iran minister: US making a mistake politicizing oil
23.04 14:21  Jerusalem Post  Iran sanctions decision rewards hedge fund oil bulls
23.04 14:16  Ynet News  Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks
23.04 14:16  Ynet News  Sea of Galilee beach closed to visitors as some 25,000 descend on lake
23.04 13:57  Jerusalem Post  Islamic state claims responsibility for Sri Lanka bombings
23.04 13:38  Ynet News  Official in Austria quits over poem comparing migrants to rats
23.04 13:38  Ynet News  Iran lawmakers authorize firm action against US 'terrorist' acts
23.04 13:32  Jerusalem Post  Oil hits highest since November as U.S. to tighten Iran sanctions
23.04 13:32  Jerusalem Post  Israel citizen and son detained in Azerbaijan
23.04 13:32  Jerusalem Post  Former Marine connected to North Korea embassy raid to appear in federal court
23.04 13:32  Jerusalem Post  Sudanese militia commander waits in wings after president ousted
23.04 13:32  Jerusalem Post  Grieving relatives bury dead in Sri Lanka amid new security fears
23.04 12:43  Jerusalem Post  Sri Lanka bomb attacks were revenge for N.Zealand mosque killings - minister
23.04 12:24  Ynet News  Doctor with cerebral palsy to light Independence Day torch
23.04 12:16  Jerusalem Post  Saudi Arabia welcomes U.S. move to end all Iran sanction waivers
23.04 12:16  Jerusalem Post  China lodges representations with U.S. over end to Iran sanction waivers
23.04 09:48  Jerusalem Post  Kazakhstan's Tokayev gets veteran leader's backing for presidency
23.04 09:24  Jerusalem Post  Earthquake of 6.5 magnitude strikes in south Philippines
23.04 09:19  Ynet News  Bernie Sanders calls Israel's government 'racist'
23.04 09:00  Jerusalem Post  Sri Lanka detains Syrian for questioning over attacks - sources
23.04 09:00  Ynet News  Death toll in Sri Lanka bombings rises to 310
23.04 07:46  Jerusalem Post  Security officials are calling upon Israeli tourists to leave the Sinai
23.04 04:29  Jerusalem Post  China issues warning against traveling to Sri Lanka following terror attack
23.04 01:33  Jerusalem Post  Kim Jong Un set to travel to Russia and meet with Putin
23.04 00:19  Jerusalem Post  Minor earthquake hits Mexico City
22.04 23:40  Ynet News  Netanyahu invites Ukrainian president-elect to Israel
22.04 22:44  Ynet News  Israeli teen who fell to death in Yosemite was taking photo
22.04 22:44  Ynet News  Jerusalem says it will "fix" bigoted fliers found in schools
22.04 22:44  Ynet News  U.S. offers $10 mln reward for information to disrupt Hezbollah finances
22.04 22:26  Ynet News  Israel to honor Pittsburgh Jewish leader after deadly attack