17.09 19:55  Haaretz  Russia to discuss selling new anti-drone weapons to Middle East partners
17.09 19:55  Haaretz  Israel election 2019: The real challenge facing the Joint List
17.09 19:41  Jewish News  Israel’s crackdown on foreign workers is driving some families into hiding
17.09 19:28  Jerusalem Post  Voting turnout still higher than last election, stands at 53.5 percent
17.09 19:01  Jerusalem Post  Russia detains two N.Korean vessels after one opens fire - reports
17.09 19:01  Jerusalem Post  Saudi's Aramco allows employees to enter Abqaiq compound - Al Arabiya
17.09 19:01  Jerusalem Post  Russia detains over 80 N.Korean sailors in Sea of Japan -agencies
17.09 18:35  Jewish News  President of a New Jersey City Council uses term ‘Jew her down.’ Her colleagues comes to her defense.
17.09 18:35  Jerusalem Post  Blue and White experiences cyber attack worth tens of thousands of shekels
17.09 18:28  Ynet News  Central Elections Committee accepts ballots deliberately sabotaged
17.09 17:49  Ynet News  Suspicion of irregularities in polling stations in Arab communities
17.09 17:44  Jerusalem Post  Voting turnout at 44.3 percent, higher than last elections
17.09 17:32  Jewish News  NJ teen accused of deliberately swerving car twice to hit Jewish men
17.09 17:21  Jerusalem Post  Taliban attacks kill 48, Afghan leader unhurt as bomber targets rally
17.09 17:21  Jerusalem Post  Russia's foreign ministry to summon acting N.Korean ambassador - RIA
17.09 17:04  Jerusalem Post  Two Palestinians arrested with knife near Rina Shnerb murder site
17.09 16:43  Jewish News  Jewish same-sex couple sues State Department after infant daughter denied citizenship
17.09 16:43  Jerusalem Post  Russia to discuss selling new anti-drone weapons to Middle East partners
17.09 16:26  Jerusalem Post  Voter turnout slightly higher than April elections
17.09 16:02  Jerusalem Post  Russia detains two N.Korean vessels after attack - TASS
17.09 15:47  Jewish News  36 Jewish protesters arrested at ICE detention center in New Jersey accept plea deal
17.09 15:37  Jerusalem Post  Netanyahu gave illegal election day radio interviews
17.09 15:18  Jerusalem Post  Labor claims ballots removed from stations since 'won't pass threshold'
17.09 15:18  Jerusalem Post  Putin announces 2020 Israel visit
17.09 15:00  Jewish News  Homeless man who burned down Minnesota synagogue officially charged with ‘negligent fires’ felony
17.09 14:12  Jewish News  Rivlin urges Israelis to vote, says he will work to ‘avoid’ third election
17.09 14:12  Jewish News  Gal Gadot, in Hebrew Instagram post, calls on Israelis to vote
17.09 13:58  Jerusalem Post  1,713,936 (26.8%) of eligible voters have voted so far
17.09 13:05  Jerusalem Post  Labor: Invalidate votes from Haredi city, Bnei Brak, due to voter fraud
17.09 12:40  Jerusalem Post  Hurricane Humberto expected to strengthen as it heads towards Bermuda
17.09 11:48  Jerusalem Post  15% of eligible voters have cast their ballot, highest turnout since 1984
17.09 11:48  Jerusalem Post  Explosion hits Kabul, kills three
17.09 11:21  Jerusalem Post  UTJ knows every voter from every synagogue in every Haredi community
17.09 10:09  Jerusalem Post  Yemina ballot slips replaced with New Right slips from last elections
17.09 09:41  Jerusalem Post  Iran's leader Khamenei says U.S. policy of maximum pressure will fail
17.09 09:41  Jerusalem Post  Number of eligible voters has grown by almost 1% since last elections
17.09 04:27  Jewish News  Administrator at NY Jewish day school arrested for ‘production of child pornography’
17.09 02:42  Jerusalem Post  Shia militias attacked in Iraq -report
17.09 01:11  Jewish News  For blacks and Jews, annual Crown Heights festival takes on greater significance following string of attacks
17.09 01:11  Jewish News  New Women’s March board member has called Israel a ‘racist’ state that ‘engages in terrorism’