23.09 16:36  Jerusalem Post  U.S. envoy Haley rejects Iran blame over parade attack
23.09 16:12  Jerusalem Post  Four fires reported in Gaza border communities
23.09 15:57  Jewish News  WeWork opens public office space in sukkah in Jerusalem
23.09 15:57  Jewish News  Haredi Orthodox radio station fined for keeping women’s voices off the air
23.09 15:34  Ynet News  Incendiary balloon sparks fire in Kibbutz Re'im
23.09 15:22  Jerusalem Post  OPEC, Russia rebuff Trump's call for immediate boost to oil output
23.09 15:16  Ynet News  Turkey's Erdogan seeks better economic, political ties with Germany
23.09 14:57  Jewish News  Taiwanese protesters angry at hair salon’s swastika logo urinate in front of store
23.09 14:56  Jerusalem Post  Incendiary balloons cause two fires in Beeri Forest
23.09 14:08  Jerusalem Post  Iran Guards vow vengeance against military parade attackers-statement
23.09 14:03  Ynet News  Iran Guards vow vengeance against military parade attackers
23.09 13:56  Jewish News  Russia claims Israel provided it with ‘misleading’ information in downing of plane over Syria
23.09 12:55  Jewish News  Swastika painted on home, campaign sign of NJ Rep. Josh Gottheimer supporters
23.09 12:55  Jewish News  Man arrested in Yom Kippur rock attack on Polish synagogue
23.09 12:11  Jewish News  Prince William unveils statue for spy who saved Jews from Holocaust
23.09 12:11  Jewish News  Israel will withhold from Palestinian Authority stipend paid to teen who stabbed to death Ari Fuld
23.09 12:10  Ynet News  Iran summons UAE envoy over parade attack comments
23.09 12:10  Ynet News  Jihadist group rejects deal for Syria's Idlib
23.09 11:45  Jerusalem Post  Russian Defense Ministry: Israel violated agrement with Russia in Syria
23.09 11:22  Jewish News  Fox releases clip of Gal Gadot on ‘The Simpsons’
23.09 08:51  Jerusalem Post  Rouhani says U.S. wants to cause insecurity in Iran but will not succeed
23.09 08:00  Jerusalem Post  18 Palestinians arrested overnight by security forces
23.09 07:08  Jerusalem Post  Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh's accuser may testify on sexual assault on Thursday
23.09 04:34  Jerusalem Post  False rocket siren sounds near Gaza border
23.09 04:11  Jerusalem Post  Trump lawyer Giuliani negates White House, says Iran's government will be overthrown
23.09 04:11  Jerusalem Post  Rocket alarm alerts residents in Kerem Shalom
23.09 02:02  Jerusalem Post  White House hopes to restrict immigrants who use taxpayer-funded benefits
23.09 00:20  Jerusalem Post  Iran gathers some European envoys over military parade shooting
22.09 22:15  Jerusalem Post  IDF forces fire on Palestinians who launched incendiary balloons from Gaza
22.09 20:52  Jerusalem Post  Man who threatened Trump arrested in Ohio after 3-month manhunt
22.09 19:26  Jerusalem Post  Report: Incendiary balloon causes fire in Kibbutz Kissufim
22.09 18:45  Jerusalem Post  Iran's Khamenei says attack on military parade is linked to U.S. allies
22.09 16:00  Jerusalem Post  Rouhani to security forces: identify parade attackers -ISNA
22.09 16:00  Jerusalem Post  Report: Incendiary balloon causes fire in Kibbutz Kissufim
22.09 15:11  Jerusalem Post  Islamic State claims responsibility for Iran terror attack
22.09 14:20  Jerusalem Post  Iran Revolutionary Guard member: attack at parade signals weakness - FARS
22.09 14:20  Jerusalem Post  Russia: Ready to boost fight against terrorism after attack in Iran - RIA
22.09 13:31  Jerusalem Post  Local terrorist group claims responsibility for Iran attack
22.09 12:15  Jerusalem Post  Pope begins solidarity tour of Baltic states in Lithuania
22.09 11:00  Jerusalem Post  IDF: Attempted attack on Beit El settlement