15.02 20:37  Jewish News  Fareed Zakaria says Muslims should be ‘thoughtful’ when speaking about Israel
15.02 20:37  Jewish News  Developer razes woods near Jerusalem honoring Japanese Holocaust rescuer
15.02 20:00  Jerusalem Post  Infantino defends FIFA from criticism over Bahraini footballer handling
15.02 20:00  Jerusalem Post  "It's a mystery," France's Le Drian says of U.S. policy on Syria
15.02 20:00  Jerusalem Post  U.S. to deliver over 200 tons of aid to Venezuelan border
15.02 20:00  Jerusalem Post  U.S. general recommends arming, aiding Syrian fighters after pullout
15.02 18:58  Jerusalem Post  Top Democrats say Trump is shredding Constitution with emergency declaration
15.02 18:58  Jerusalem Post  Acting Pentagon chief says committed to defeating IS, but allies skeptical
15.02 18:58  Jerusalem Post  New York state eyes legal challenge to Trump's emergency declaration
15.02 18:58  Ynet News  World Jewish Congress concerned about neo-Nazism in Europe
15.02 18:49  Jewish News  Jewish Sunday schools pop up across Europe and Asia
15.02 18:44  Ynet News  IDF officer lightly wounded on Gaza border
15.02 18:33  Ynet News  White House eyes $8 bln in overall wall funds from emergency
15.02 18:33  Ynet News  Cluster of balloons with a suspicious device attached to it located in Netivot
15.02 18:24  Jerusalem Post  Police hit smuggling gang on high seas, seize 3.3 tonnes of cocaine
15.02 18:24  Jerusalem Post  Trump says he will declare an emergency on U.S.-Mexico border
15.02 18:20  Ynet News  Trump: White House to make announcement on Syria in next 24 hours
15.02 18:07  Jewish News  Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court for 1st time since cancer operation
15.02 18:07  Jewish News  NY Mayor de Blasio calls BDS ‘unacceptable’ in a speech on anti-Semitism,
15.02 17:22  Jewish News  This Dutch activist promotes an Israel boycott on an Israeli-made mobility scooter
15.02 17:22  Jewish News  Anti-Semitic images painted on memorial to desecrated Jewish cemetery in Ukraine
15.02 15:25  Jewish News  Synagogue guard who shot woman intended bullet as warning, she said
15.02 14:46  Ynet News  Palestinian seriously wounded by IDF fire near Nablus
15.02 13:32  Ynet News  Israel's ambassador to Poland summoned to Foreign Ministry in Warsaw
15.02 13:14  Ynet News  Pompeo meets EU's top diplomat after Pence's Iran accusations
15.02 13:14  Ynet News  Netanyahu misquoted on Holocaust in Poland, his office says
15.02 13:14  Ynet News  Netanyahu leaves Poland after plane mishap delayed departure
15.02 10:15  Jewish News  No crisis between Poland and Israel over Holocaust record, Polish president says
15.02 08:55  Ynet News  Polish president calls to cancel summit of Weisgrad leaders in Israel following Netanyahu's remarks
15.02 08:38  Ynet News  Pompeo: US aims to 'get as far down the road as we can' with N.Korea
15.02 07:10  Jewish News  Chicago industrialist donates $25 million to BBYO to empower Jewish young women and teens
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Jewish school in Los Angeles goes on lockdown after security guard shoots man in leg
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  The Ilhan Omar anti-Semitism controversy, explained
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Arab foreign ministers seen defending Israel and attacking Iran in clip leaked by Netanyahu’s office
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Benjamin Netanyahu and Mike Pence visit Warsaw Ghetto revolt memorial
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Venezuela’s President Maduro says rival ‘serves the interests of the United States and the Zionists’
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Kevin McCarthy says he deleted Soros/Steyer/Bloomberg tweet because of bomb threats
15.02 01:42  Jewish News  Jerusalem rabbinical court orders bus company to fire driver who refuses wife a religious divorce
15.02 00:28  Jewish News  Nobody knows what Zionism means anymore. Two historians help explain why.
15.02 00:28  Jewish News  Fox News rejects ad for Oscar-nominated documentary because of ‘disgraceful Nazi imagery’