24.02 21:01  Ynet News  Israel Railways passengers find themselves locked in Be'er Sheva train station
24.02 20:37  Haaretz  Israeli politicians slam UN for criticizing extrajudicial killing: 'Council of terrorists' rights'
24.02 20:15  Jerusalem Post  US provided intelligence for Iraq strike in Syria
24.02 19:54  Ynet News  ISIS stashed treasures in trenches, smashed walls to shock
24.02 19:54  Ynet News  Florida Supreme Court overturns abortion limit at clinic
24.02 19:54  Ynet News  Iran's enriched uranium stock roughly half amount allowed -IAEA
24.02 19:34  Jewish News  Israeli passenger removed from Colombia flight over bomb reference
24.02 19:34  Jewish News  How Purim is a call to leadership
24.02 19:15  Jerusalem Post  Syrian opposition receives UN working paper
24.02 18:42  Haaretz  How Jewish artists reclaimed Jesus as their own
24.02 18:42  Haaretz  Trump: Media shouldn't be allowed to use unnamed sources
24.02 18:02  Jewish News  Trump reiterates neutrality on two-state solution, but says he ‘likes’ it
24.02 18:01  Jerusalem Post  Trump attacks FBI on leakers of Russia reports: 'FIND NOW'
24.02 18:01  Jerusalem Post  Mexico says does not need US aid under review by Trump
24.02 18:01  Jerusalem Post  Turkey's army chief says northern Syria incursion achieved targets
24.02 17:21  Jerusalem Post  Report: Trump to put regulatory reform officers in US agencies
24.02 16:29  Jewish News  3rd Spanish municipality reverses own BDS vote following legal action
24.02 16:09  Ynet News  College: Feces swastika found in gender-neutral bathroom
24.02 15:40  Ynet News  Official: Trump adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports
24.02 15:40  Ynet News  Trump blames FBI for failing to stop media leaks
24.02 15:13  Ynet News  Iraqi prime minister says Iraq's air force has carried out first airstrikes on ISIS targets inside Syria
24.02 14:55  Jewish News  Israeli tourist busted for climbing Brooklyn Bridge for a selfie
24.02 14:55  Jewish News  U.N. human rights office decries Israeli sentence of Hebron shooter as ‘excessively lenient’
24.02 14:55  Haaretz  Kurdish hipsters declare style war
24.02 14:54  Jerusalem Post  Syria govt negotiator says to study UN paper
24.02 14:54  Jerusalem Post  Report: Iraqi anti-IS air raid coordinated with Damascus
24.02 14:17  Jerusalem Post  Iraqi PM orders air force strike against Islamic State inside Syria
24.02 13:38  Haaretz  UN Human Rights Office: Sentence handed to Hebron shooter is 'unacceptable'
24.02 13:19  Jewish News  Citing ‘bias,’ Israel denies visa to Human Rights Watch regional director
24.02 13:19  Jewish News  Belgian anti-racism official defends Palestinian he helped convict for hate speech
24.02 12:53  Ynet News  UN rights office decries Israeli sentence as "excessively lenient"
24.02 12:24  Jerusalem Post  France's Le Pen refused a police summons for questioning
24.02 12:24  Jerusalem Post  Iraqi forces push into first districts of western Mosul
24.02 12:24  Ynet News  Turkish diplomats seek asylum in Germany after failed coup
24.02 11:45  Jerusalem Post  Car bomb on Turkey-backed Syrian rebels kills 41, mostly civilians
24.02 11:45  Jerusalem Post  South African police fire tear gas to disperse anti-immigrant protesters
24.02 11:08  Haaretz  Sheldon Adelson: Trump will be 'the best president ever' for Israel
24.02 11:08  Haaretz  A Palestinian was standing still at a checkpoint. Why did Israeli troops shoot him dead?
24.02 11:08  Jerusalem Post  Duterte says China misunderstood Philippine minister's S China Sea remarks
24.02 10:57  Ynet News  The Ethiopian runner Gezu Belete Mekonen wins the Tel Aviv Marathon with a time of 2:12:12 hours