18.12 22:25  Arutz Sheva News  Synagogue dedicated in Western Wall Tunnels
18.12 22:25  Arutz Sheva News  Rabbi Cherlow: 'The Right will fall if it doesn't fight corruption'
18.12 22:25  Arutz Sheva News  FDNY chief says father a hero in Brooklyn fire
18.12 22:25  Arutz Sheva News  Turkey: Shocked by American veto at the Security Council
18.12 22:25  Jerusalem Post  ISIS claims attack on spy agency center in Afghan capital
18.12 22:25  Jerusalem Post  United States calls for delivery of UN aid shipments to Yemen
18.12 22:06  Ynet News  Turkey says shocked by veto of UN resolution on Jerusalem
18.12 22:06  Ynet News  Polish official says pilot of crashed jet saved
18.12 22:06  Ynet News  Trump says America will 'stand up for ourselves'
18.12 22:06  Ynet News  Erdogan, May say international community should be active in solving Jerusalem issue
18.12 21:47  Haaretz  Proposed legislation would confer Jewish 'nationality' on all immigrants to Israel
18.12 21:47  Haaretz  Hamas arrests and tortures Salafi operatives to curb Gaza rocket fire into Israel
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Over objections, past leaders hurt borders
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: America is coming back strong
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: We are not undermining our troops
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: We're demanding that allies pay their share of costs
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: We must not allow North Korea to threaten the world
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: GDP growth will be one of America's greatest weapons
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: We'll support allies but put our interests first
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: 4 points
18.12 21:46  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Let's commit to compete and win
18.12 21:46  Jerusalem Post  Turkey says shocked by veto of UN resolution on Jerusalem
18.12 21:46  Jerusalem Post  Sources: Erdogan, May say international community should be active in solving J'lem issue
18.12 21:36  Ynet News  Netanyahu: boycott of Austrian Freedom Party to continue
18.12 21:36  Ynet News  British police: security incident at military base not being investigated as terrorism.
18.12 21:36  Ynet News  Palestinians call for emergency meeting of UN General Assembly
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Names of Brooklyn fire victims released
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Florida village becomes first to pass anti-Semitism ordinance
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Abbas condemns US veto on Jerusalem at the UN
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Netanyahu praises, Abbas fumes at US veto
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Watch: FDNY update on Fatal Brooklyn Hanukkah fire
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Live: Trump national security strategy address
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Pence: Trump making America safe again
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Leaders negotiated disastrous trade deals
18.12 21:10  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Past leaders failed against North Korea, Iran, IS
18.12 21:10  Jerusalem Post  Pence requests press conference at Western Wall, denied by Rabbi
18.12 21:10  Jerusalem Post  Palestinians to call for emergency meeting of UN General Assembly
18.12 21:09  Ynet News  Palestinian leader says US not Mideast mediator
18.12 21:09  Ynet News  IDF: not clear what killed paraplegic protester, soldiers behaved correctly
18.12 21:09  Ynet News  At least 6 killed in Amtrak train derailment outside Seattle