20.08 04:21  Haaretz  Jewish treasury secretary defends Trump's response to Charlottesville
20.08 04:21  Haaretz  Spain was headed toward political crisis, then came the Barcelona attack
20.08 03:05  Haaretz  Holding a mirror to the powerful: The Israeli 'maestro' of political cartooning
20.08 03:05  Haaretz  Haaretz Cartoon
20.08 01:46  Haaretz  Two days after Barcelona terror attack, Spaniards hesitate to point fingers
20.08 00:12  Ynet News  French authorities deny shooting reported in train station in Nmes, France, evacuate train staton over suspicious person report
19.08 23:37  Ynet News  One dead in clashes with Islamists in Palestinian camp in Lebanon
19.08 22:40  Haaretz  Boston 'Free Speech Rally' cut short after massive counter-protest
19.08 22:29  Jewish News  In statement on Barcelona attack, local BDS chapter says Europe is ‘responsible’
19.08 22:28  Ynet News  Political advisor Arthur Finkelstein passed away
19.08 22:28  Ynet News  IDF catches Palestinian crossing border fence with Gaza
19.08 22:28  Ynet News  Hundreds protest before Petah Tikva police station after being stopped from protesting AG's home over PM corruption allegations
19.08 21:56  Haaretz  Arthur Finkelstein, the man who saved Netanyahu’s career - and forever changed Israeli politics
19.08 21:56  Haaretz  Netanyahu to meet Putin in Russia, discuss Israel's concerns over southern Syria cease-fire
19.08 20:01  Ynet News  Police prevent protesters from reaching the attorney general's house in Petah Tikva
19.08 20:01  Ynet News  'Nazis' spray-painted on Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas
19.08 19:53  Haaretz  Lebanon launches largest military operation yet against ISIS
19.08 19:12  Ynet News  Tapuah Junction terrorist shot dead was 17 y. o. from Palestinian city of Tulkarm
19.08 18:08  Ynet News  Border Policeman lightly injured in West Bank stabbing attack
19.08 17:48  Haaretz  Arthur Finkelstein, powerhouse political strategist, dies at 72
19.08 16:31  Haaretz  Steve Bannon failed because Donald Trump was his agent of action
19.08 16:31  Haaretz  Boston braces for heated protests, a week after Charlottesville
19.08 15:42  Ynet News  Taliban kill 5 police in southern Afghanistan
19.08 15:42  Ynet News  Portuguese woman among those killed in Barcelona
19.08 15:42  Ynet News  Third Italian confirmed among Barcelona dead
19.08 15:42  Ynet News  South Africa mulls fate of Mugabe's wife after assault claim
19.08 15:42  Ynet News  Police say Barcelona manhunt on for Moroccan
19.08 15:17  Haaretz  Steve Bannon, back on the outside, prepares his enemies list
19.08 14:18  Ynet News  Spanish government maintains security alert level, says no attack imminent
19.08 13:50  Ynet News  French police carrying out extra border checks
19.08 13:50  Ynet News  Car blast hits Syrian coastal city
19.08 13:50  Ynet News  Police separate some 500 neo-Nazis, opponents at Berlin demo
19.08 13:50  Ynet News  Haifa resident shot dead, son suspected as accidental shooter
19.08 12:41  Ynet News  Eight stabbed in Russian city, police shoot man dead
19.08 12:25  Haaretz  Finnish knife attack investigated as a terrorism-related murder, police say
19.08 12:25  Haaretz  Eight wounded in knife attack in Russian city; assailant shot dead
19.08 12:25  Haaretz  Booting Bannon is cheap thrill that won’t change Trump’s perilous presidency
19.08 12:07  Ynet News  Finnish knife attacks investigated as terrorism-related crimes
19.08 11:17  Ynet News  Spanish officials to set terrorist threat level
19.08 11:17  Ynet News  State funeral held for 'Pakistan's Mother Theresa'