20.10 09:07  Ynet News  CIA's Pompeo asserts Russian meddling did not sway US election result
20.10 09:07  Ynet News  Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Kurdish vice president
20.10 09:07  Ynet News  UNICEF: Rohingya children refugees face 'hell on earth'
20.10 09:07  Ynet News  Report: Three Syrian soldiers wounded in Israeli attack launched Thursday
20.10 09:07  Ynet News  Report: Russia's Shoygu asked Israel to show restraint in Syria
20.10 00:28  Ynet News  Lebanon's parliament approves country's first budget since 2005
20.10 00:28  Ynet News  CIA head: NKorea months from perfecting nuclear capabilities
20.10 00:28  Ynet News  2-year-old shot in Qalansuwa
19.10 22:37  Ynet News  1 dead, six injured in collision between vehicle and bus
19.10 22:08  Ynet News  EU chief: No role for EU in Catalonia dispute
19.10 21:41  Globes - Israel business  Antitrust Authority probing Elbit Systems bid for IMI
19.10 20:42  Ynet News  Russia says fight against Islamic State in Syria nearing end
19.10 20:42  Ynet News  Protest in Barcelona over detained separatists
19.10 20:16  Ynet News  Trump UN envoy: Russia's election interference is 'warfare'
19.10 20:16  Ynet News  Suspected US drone strike kills 3 al-Qaida fighters in Yemen
19.10 19:49  Globes - Israel business  Treasury fears collapse of defense spending accord
19.10 19:48  Ynet News  Argentina extradites wanted fugitive to Israel
19.10 19:17  Ynet News  100,000 Kurds flee Kirkuk since Iraqi army takeover -Kurdish officials
19.10 19:17  Ynet News  US drone strike kills militant whose group killed 250 in Pakistan
19.10 19:17  Ynet News  Report: IDF attacks Syrian army post in retaliation for errant rocket
19.10 19:17  Ynet News  Putin says Russia favors a global nuclear ban
19.10 19:17  Ynet News  Putin says Russia will respond if Russian media under pressure in US
19.10 18:22  Ynet News  US drone strike kills leader of Pakistan's Jamaat-ul-Ahrar militants
19.10 18:22  Ynet News  UN says worried by reports of forced diplacement of Kurds in N.Iraq
19.10 18:22  Ynet News  Elor Azaria requests pardon from President Rivlin
19.10 17:55  Globes - Israel business  FIMI in advanced talks to buy IAI's ImageSat
19.10 17:55  Globes - Israel business  BoI keeps interest rate unchanged
19.10 17:55  Globes - Israel business  Teva in talks on new Petah Tikva HQ
19.10 17:22  Ynet News  Errant rocket fired from Syria falls in open area in Israeli Golan
19.10 16:56  Ynet News  US drone strike kills leader of Pakistan's Jamaat-ul-Ahrar militants
19.10 16:56  Ynet News  Iranian general, Assad discuss joint military strategy-report
19.10 16:26  Ynet News  US-backed forces in Syria holding foreign Islamic State leaders
19.10 16:26  Ynet News  IDF bribery affair: lieutenant-colonel suspended for 14 days
19.10 16:00  Globes - Israel business  Leumi seeks buyer for NIS 3b Leumicard
19.10 15:59  Ynet News  France criticizes Russian stance on Syria toxic gas probe
19.10 15:59  Ynet News  Kurdish female militia vows to keep fighting Islamic State
19.10 15:28  Ynet News  Germany criticizes Israeli settlement plans
19.10 15:28  Ynet News  Rivlin shortens sentence of fmr. Ramat Gan Mayor Zvi Bar
19.10 15:28  Ynet News  200 Haredi protesters block Jerusalem's Sarei Israel-Jaffa junction
19.10 15:00  Ynet News  EU leaders to recommit to Iran nuclear deal whatever Trump decides