19.08 04:19  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Purchasing Greenland is interesting but not top priority
19.08 04:00  Haaretz  A brutal denial of the right to protest in Israel
19.08 04:00  Haaretz  Trump says he will likely wait to release Mideast peace plan after Israeli election
19.08 04:00  Haaretz  Israel's Labor Party takes the socioeconomic agenda off the table
19.08 03:47  Arutz Sheva News  WJC condemns Tlaib for calling to boycott Bill Maher
19.08 03:47  Arutz Sheva News  Stun grenade thrown at building in Nesher
19.08 03:08  Haaretz  Israel's Joint List lacks a message
19.08 03:08  Haaretz  Where are you going, Gantz?
19.08 02:46  Arutz Sheva News  Sara Netanyahu demanded to enter plane cockpit
19.08 02:46  Arutz Sheva News  First event held at Jerusalem's newest museum
19.08 02:16  Haaretz  An untamed Israeli soldier tells the truth - and his commanders rush to deny it
19.08 02:16  Haaretz  Israel spends 1 million shekels on ads to promote Jewish ritual baths
19.08 02:16  Arutz Sheva News  Iranian oil tanker leaves Gibraltar
19.08 01:48  Jerusalem Post  Donald Trump defends Israel following Omar-Tlaib debacle
19.08 01:40  Arutz Sheva News  Revenge? Tlaib calls for boycott of Bill Maher show
19.08 01:22  Haaretz  New police regulations set harsh limits on protests in Israel
19.08 01:22  Jerusalem Post  Trump says he will release Mideast peace plan after Israel elections
19.08 01:10  Arutz Sheva News  Trump: Peace plan will likely be released after Israeli election
19.08 00:37  Arutz Sheva News  Efrat residents save Palestinian's life
19.08 00:20  Jerusalem Post  Canada slams UK decision to "off-load" Islamist fighter
19.08 00:03  Haaretz  Deflation raises prospect that Bank of Israel will try to tamp down the mighty shekel
19.08 00:03  Haaretz  Israel’s illegal deportation of a 13-year-old child
19.08 00:03  Haaretz  High Court suspends Israeli justice minister's bid to appoint 'unqualified' director general
19.08 00:03  Arutz Sheva News  Benny Gantz: There will be no splits in Blue and White
18.08 23:32  Arutz Sheva News  Netanyahu lands in Ukraine
18.08 23:02  Arutz Sheva News  PM lands in Kiev
18.08 23:02  Arutz Sheva News  Lod to protest Ben-Gurion Airport noise Tuesday morning
18.08 23:02  Arutz Sheva News  Beitar Jerusalem to face Maccabi Tel Aviv in Toto Cup final
18.08 23:02  Arutz Sheva News  Grenade thrown at home of Netivot mayor
18.08 22:43  Jewish News  Tlaib calls for boycott of Bill Maher show after he calls BDS a ‘bulls**t purity test’
18.08 22:30  Arutz Sheva News  Bnei Brak blast caused by explosive device in the stairwell
18.08 22:17  Haaretz  Historic Budapest synagogue to reopen amid Jewish cultural revival
18.08 22:17  Haaretz  Escalating incidents on Gaza-Israel border indicate Hamas is losing its grip
18.08 22:17  Haaretz  On women, Israeli army could learn from U.S. military
18.08 22:00  Jewish News  London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for approval of plans to build Holocaust memorial
18.08 22:00  Arutz Sheva News  Anti-Semitic flyers found in New York neighborhood
18.08 22:00  Arutz Sheva News  Date harvest begins
18.08 22:00  Arutz Sheva News  "Hamas leader: We're working to maintain good ties with the Arab world
18.08 21:42  Haaretz  A Bedouin family got evicted by Israel. Then their baby died
18.08 21:29  Arutz Sheva News  5 arrested for throwing bottles and stones before Jerusalem soccer match