30.04 17:31  Jerusalem Post  Tunisia police clash with militants in central city - official
30.04 17:31  Jerusalem Post  Trump to talk with Singapore, Thailand on North Korea nuclear threat
30.04 17:31  Ynet News  US won't seek South Korean money for THAAD
30.04 16:14  Jewish News  Mexican diplomat to be honored for challenging UNESCO on anti-Israel vote
30.04 16:14  Jewish News  North Korea threatens Israel
30.04 16:13  Jerusalem Post  Iran satellite TV head shot dead in Istanbul
30.04 16:13  Jerusalem Post  Pope calls for end to violence, respect for human rights, in Venezuela
30.04 16:13  Jerusalem Post  Saudi Arabia arrests 46 militant suspects involved in Medina attack
30.04 15:30  Ynet News  FIFA official Sheikh Ahmad resigning amid bribery claims
30.04 15:30  Ynet News  Egypt court sentences cleric to death in absentia
30.04 15:30  Ynet News  President Abbas meets with Jordan King before Trump meeting
30.04 14:32  Ynet News  Spanish, Moroccan police arrest 30 hashish smugglers
30.04 14:10  Jerusalem Post  Iraqi commander vows to complete capture of Mosul in May
30.04 13:59  Ynet News  Report: Iranian who ran TV network shot dead in Turkey
30.04 13:59  Ynet News  Hamas political document to be presented Monday in Qatar
30.04 13:32  Globes - Israel business  Haifa targets bigger slice of the tourism pie
30.04 13:32  Globes - Israel business  Gett seeks to raise $700m - report
30.04 13:31  Jerusalem Post  UK PM May braces for difficult Brexit talks after EU adopts tough stance
30.04 13:31  Ynet News  Netanyahu to meet Ukranian PM
30.04 13:01  Ynet News  US-backed militias claim big advance against ISIS in Syria's Tabqa
30.04 13:01  Ynet News  Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds
30.04 13:01  Ynet News  Benny Sela sentenced to additional 6 month for prison sexual assault
30.04 12:50  Haaretz  German minister says Social Democrats were Holocaust victims, takes flak
30.04 12:50  Haaretz  Israel inaugurates memorial hall for wars' fallen; Netanyahu heckled
30.04 12:49  Jerusalem Post  Iran's leader dismisses president's detente policy with West ahead of vote
30.04 12:12  Jerusalem Post  IMF team in Cairo to review second installment of $12-billion loan
30.04 11:34  Haaretz  Tensions between Israel and Germany intensify over critical UNESCO resolution
30.04 11:33  Jerusalem Post  US Marines back in Helmand as Afghanistan 'stalemate' continues
30.04 11:00  Ynet News  Worker moderately injured during Mt. Herzl memorial site preparations
30.04 11:00  Ynet News  Hamas: Engineer produced 30 UAVs before being killed by Israel
30.04 10:36  Ynet News  Polish official suspended after depicting EU official as SS officer
30.04 10:24  Haaretz  Adelson's Israel Hayom getting new editor after bucking Netanyahu's office
30.04 09:43  Ynet News  Police arrest 20 in weapons and drug smuggling case
30.04 09:38  Jerusalem Post  Merkel's conservatives widen lead to 7 points 5 months before German vote
30.04 09:26  Ynet News  Philippines says Trump called Duterte to affirm alliance
30.04 08:34  Jerusalem Post  IDF arrests 17 overnight in Isawiya
30.04 08:34  Ynet News  17 suspects arrested in Isawiya for rioting
30.04 08:34  Ynet News  Trump says China pressuring North Korea on missile, nukes
30.04 08:34  Ynet News  Toned-down White House press dinner carries on without Trump
30.04 07:15  Jerusalem Post  Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to Washington, White House says